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Core competence
1.Teaching level,1. Attaining abilities. The classes that we have developed help students to gain knowledge and abilities such as, problem solving, creativity, researching and commutation.2. Integrating the resources from department to department. Students are able to improve their professions and become more competitive in the field. 3. Focusing on both school and actual work. After we teach the classes, students can actually work in the field. 4. Cooperating with local Healthcare business. We sign up the contracts with healthcare companies and do the internship. During the internship, students are able to gain the experience and feel what the actual work looks like. The experience helps them to receive more job opportunities.5. Independent studies. The school provides independent studies so students have more varieties to choose from.
2. Research level.Because our departments focus on healthcare, social benefits, medical, and healthcare business management, students get to do the research from school and local healthcare business. They will be on the right track.
3. Service levelSchool attends public and private Healthcare business, and services. We help communities’ healthcare services and focus on their needs. We also provide healthcare marketing and consulting services.
4. Business level1. The school will search for more business opportunities so students can gain knowledge and the actual work.
5. International college We have many sister colleges in many countries such asMejiro University In Japan 、Northeast Forestry Universityin China, andDallas Baptist Universityin America . Students get to apply study abroad.
6. In School1. Double majors. Students get to be qualified to be a social worker and four years college degree in healthcare 2. Saving time. Students don't need to spend extra time to take other departments' credits.3. Saving money. Students don't need to spend extra money to take other departments' credits.4. Guarantee .we make sure students receive qualification for being a social workers and get to apply to be a social engineer.
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